Tacos Galore: Taqueria La Hacienda

Besides being Real Estate gurus, we are also taco fans. And along with the mission of helping people achieve home-ownership, we're  also on a mission to try every taco joint in the Twin Cities. 

Minneapolis has a ton to offer when it comes to international cuisine. Nicollet Avenue, AKA Eat Street, is the mecca of International food in Minneapolis, with over 50 restaurants in the span of ten blocks. Lake Street, between Hennepin Ave and Chicago Ave, is also an extraordinary sprawl of international cuisine. From fancy sushi at Lynlake, to hole-in-the-wall taco joints, to the Midtown Global Market.

This segment of what we're calling "Tacos Galore" is going to focus on one of our absolute favorite taco restaurants. Taqueria La Hacienda, located at 4th Ave and Lake Street, is hands down the best taco restaurant we've ever visited, and if you haven't been there, get in your car and drive straight there NOW!

Step inside and the first thing you'll notice will be the delicious smell of sizzling meats and tortillas. We recommend ordering los tacos Al Pastor--a delicious pork belly taco. Make sure you get lots of salsa verde on the side; it tastes like the nectar of gods.

Have you ever tried Taqueria La Hacienda? Leave your comments below!