It's a sign!


Now that we have a new office space on the ninth floor of 1350 Lagoon Avenue, we knew it needed some decorating. After adding a few mid-century modern lamps, an Easter island head, wall-mounted bull horns, a green goblin poster, and a squirrel pillow, Robin felt we were still missing something.

We deliberated on just what type of quirky decoration would make the perfect finishing touch. We wanted it to represent our unique style and fun aesthetic, but we also needed something that screamed REALTY.

The sign was plucked off the side of our office building, some 100 feet above the street, and deposited on the Keller Williams balcony a few yards from the door to our office. The neon letters of the old Keller Williams Realty logo were being replaced by the sleeker, newer logo, and all three gigantic signs, one saying KELLER, another WILLIAMS, and another REALTY, were bound for the dumpster. Robin all but fainted at the sight of this beauty, and we all decided REALTY was to become our possession, and in turn become the ultimate statement piece for our office. The best part? It lights up.

For three weeks it rested on the floor outside our office while fellow realtors passed by with bewildered expressions. Yesterday, we finally had the time to hang it from the wall above Jason's desk (not because we're procrastinators, but because we always give our prime time to our lovely clients). It was easy to recruit three other kind agents in the office to help us attach it to the wall, and voila!