Leverage Your First Home Towards Your First $Million | April 17, 2019 @ 6pm

Leverage – to use borrowed capital to increase the return of your investment

Many of you may have just purchased your first home. Others may still be renting. In this BRAND NEW class, Jason will be happy to share how you can leverage your first home towards your first $Million. Seriously - you can do it!

Class will be held at our office in Uptown.

Click on the Eventbrite link below to reserve your seat - it’s easy and FREE!

*Side note - the team really appreciates your support! If you know of anyone who’d be interested in learning more about increasing their net worth through real estate, we’d be honored if you’d tell them about this class. If they are unable to attend, we’re always happy to have a phone conversation, a coffee and/or taco date, or a rendezvous at our office at a later date. Thanks!