The Rock 'n' Read Project!

Last week Robin facilitated a Popup Think Tank for the Rock ‘n’ Read Project. And it was AWESOME.

What are these things you speak of?

Popup Think Tank - They facilitate brainstorming events for change-makers so they can gain new ideas, mobilize communities, and build momentum.

Rock ‘n’ Read Project - They offer proven, cost-effective, fun ways of leveraging singing to significantly improve reading skills, particularly among children who are most behind in reading.

The event was a smashing success!

With so many creative minds and big ideas in one room, we were able to collect suggestions that will help push the Rock ‘n’ Read Project into the hands of those who need it most.

Thank you to Tim Schuster with Popup Think Tank, Amy Kay, Bill Jones and Denise Lutgen-Gallaty with the Rock ‘n’ Read Project and ALL who participated in this discussion.

We appreciate you, your mission and your dedication.