Meet Kelly.

Optimist. Realist. Check-list.

Born and raised here in the Twin Cities, Kelly has enjoyed exploring her hometown in search of Minnesota’s best eggs Benedict (The Lowry and O’Brien’s Public House are up there!).  She’s traveled the US, touching the land of 23 states, and just went on her first international trip!

Kelly has worked in commercial real estate for years, and has found her home in the residential realm with The Voreis Team.

Her family and friends have played a significant role in helping Kelly become the happy and optimistic person she is today. Helping others to see the joys that life has to offer is her mission.   

Her passion lies in trying new things – lately she’s trying her hand at planning a wedding (her own!). She loves musicals and live theater, going on camping adventures, and all things crafty. When all the fun has been had, Kelly loves nothing more than relaxing with her fiance, Dan, and their 8-year-old puppy, Loki.

What Kelly is Listening to: